invisible belt

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Invisibelt: All belt, no bulk!




Lets see just how easy it is to get a perfect fit from Invisbelt! Size the belt up to your waist, before putting it on. Adjust the plastic slider to shorten or lengthen the belt to your size. Thread through your belt loops and snap the front closed!


Benefits of Invisibelt:


1. gives support of a belt with flast, smooth finish when worn under fitted tops


2. fun, fashionable adn trendy when worn with jeans, skirts, or even over leggings!


3. eliminates the belt bulge cuased from bulky belt buckles


4. adjust easily (like swim goggles) for a perfect fit ever time!


Kids love the fashion factor and versatility; moms love the fact that pants and skirts stay up! Get one, or collect 'em all. Or treat friends to the perfect party gift!