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Win a Free Invisibelt


Invisibelt: All Belt, No Bulk!

It is with great joy we announce the arrival of the Invisbelt! This totally "Fun"tional belt is a must have for every wardrobe. Kathy Kramer, the founder of Invisibelt, gets it...girls just want to have fun!



The Invisibelt has won the praise of fashionistas everywhere, thanks to its unique, problem solving ways. Not only does this flat, undetectable belt eliminate belt buckle bulge, it puts an end to the plummer's but and tuggin and pulling of pants.


When Kramer's daughter insisted she needed an Invisibelt of her own, Kathy came out with Invisibelt Girl - a flat, fashionable and functional belt for girls ages 5 - 15! The adjustable Invisibelt comes in cool trendy colors and patterns designed to add some wow to any outfit!